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    4. Welcome you to Jindal Medical & Scientific Instruments Company (Pvt.) Ltd !

      Jindal Economy Ms Coating Foldable Walker (Deluxe Regular)

      • Extremely lightweight & Sturdy Body
      • It comes with adjustable height and folds easily with a one-touch button release
      • Folding Type design for portability
      • Quick, easy tool, free assembly

      Rugged lightweight design for stability and ease of use.
      Folds to 4 wide for convenient transportation and storage.
      Rubber tips provide traction and control.
      Adjustable height and folds easily with a one-touch button release.
      Comfort Grip Handle with Sure-Grip Surface.
      Easy forward and backward movement (reciprocal movement) without lifting the walker for comfort in walking. Folding Walker gives you great relief.

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