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    4. Welcome you to Jindal Medical & Scientific Instruments Company (Pvt.) Ltd !

      needle destroyer Syringe MS01

       Syringe & Needle Destroyer (MNS 01)
      » Two slots easy operation for destroying Needle & Syringe.
      » Needle burns electrically and syringe cuts manually.
      » Cuts the syringe within seconds.
      » Low power consumption
      » Can destroyer disposable syringe & needle 18G to 28G
      » Collection receptacle to collect the waste
      » Power coating housing »Provision of On/Off switch with pilot lamp
      » Shock proof-Main circuit breaker is provided
      » Portable, compact, handy

      Switch on the device
      » Insert the needle in the needle slot
      » Push it gently downwards till arcing stops
      » Put the syringe in syringe slot.
      » Push the handle of the cutting blade to cut the syringe at the nozzle.

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