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    4. Welcome you to Jindal Medical & Scientific Instruments Company (Pvt.) Ltd !

      Nitrile Powder-Free Hand Gloves

      Disposable nitrile gloves offer a supreme level of protection, better puncture security, and a lower attrition aspect for easier donning and doffing. Synthetically made, and have a wider range of uses, these gloves are excellent for a dental office because they stand up to many solvents, chemicals, and are a better choice for patients and dental specialists. The most stand-out feature of these gloves is that it is more obvious when a tear or puncture is made, protecting everyone involved. Another powerful aspect of these synthetically made gloves is that they are required to go through a series of tests by the Food and Drug Administration to be marketed as medical grade.

      • Disposable, Ambidextrous
      • 100 pieces in a single pack based on weight
      • Single use disposable for multi purpose
      • Material: powder free nitrile examination gloves; color: blue, Non-sterile; package includes: pack of 100 gloves
      • Hospital, dental, laboratory, food and industrial use

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