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    4. Welcome you to Jindal Medical & Scientific Instruments Company (Pvt.) Ltd !

      Pants Standard

      • Dr Care Pampers Premium Care is Voted #1 SOFTEST Diaper in India by Dr. Care*
      • Lotion with Aloe Vera to protect your baby’s delicate skin
      • 3 Air channels that help your baby’s skin breathe
      • A wetness indicator which turns from Yellow to Blue when it may be time to change
      • Unique Disposal tape which helps fold and seal the diaper

      Dr. Care Little's comfy baby pants are pant-style pull-up diapers. These diapers help in quick absorption and come with perfect fitment to keep your baby active during the day time and up to 12-hour absorption protection ensures long-lasting dryness to help your baby have uninterrupted sleep during the night

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